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Engage with expertise at UCC through the George Boole 200 Legacy Projects. Redevelopment of George Boole House at historic 5 Grenville Place in collaboration with Cork City Council will result in a technical, educational start-up centre – an institute that will be unique to Cork in Ireland.

Transforming 5 Grenville Place into George Boole House of Innovation

The house in which George Boole wrote An Investigation of the Laws of Thought is being renovated to become Boole House.  Here, George Boole's work and legacy will be displayed to visitors from all over the world.  Boole House will support education and innovation in computer science and mathematics as an integral part of the George Boole Institute and will include a business accelerator hub for high-tech start-up companies. To support this initiative please choose Boole House of Innovation – 5 Grenville Place below.

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